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Our Owner, Chuck, Handles All of the Work Personally

How it works

When you call for an estimate, we will come to your location and survey the area to be mowed. Each mowing will include string trimming and blowing off the sidewalks and driveways. We will provide you with a per mow price. If you are happy with the price and services to be provided, we can begin mowing. Swope's Lawn Service does NOT require a contract. We will provide mowing ongoing until you direct otherwise.

We strive to mow each lawn every 6-10 days, as needed. Although your lawn will often be mowed on the same day each week, the schedule is frequently adjusted due to weather delays. If you are usually mowed on a Monday, but the next week we aren't there on Monday, rest assured that we will be there within a day or two. Also, it is possible that due to rapid grass growth or future rain forecasts, your lawn may be mowed a day early.

As the growing season slows, we may skip your lawn on weeks when the grass isn't growing, so as to not bill you for an unnecessary service.

Mulching, Pruning, and Other Services

Most other services are provided on separate days than the day we mow your lawn. Please be sure to get on the spring clean-up and mulching list early, as the schedule fills up quickly.